QB central power unit - Q200

QB does not use wireless starting technology The QB central power unit may be installed either in the built-in enclosure (code CM010Q) or in the wall enclosure (code CM020Q). Patent Aertecnica Patent Pending N °. M02007A000077 The assembly of the central QB embedded in exterior walls, saves space, has a pleasant aesthetic impact, and will not jeopardize the thermal and acoustic insulation.

Technical specifications:

Specification Value UdM
Power supply 230 V
Starter Soft Start Yes
Dust container capacity 13 L
Maximum vacuum 3200 mbar
Filter cartridge material Polyester
Electric protection IP55 IP
Width 58,00 cm
Maximum number of sockets 8 n.
Motor power 1600 W
Depth 22,50 cm
Noise level 58 dB(A)