Allergies: here is the solution

The spaces we live in, which are increasingly sealed off to save energy, accumulate a large amount dust that contains bacteria and dust mites.  TUBÒ eliminates them from our homes and respiratory tracts.

Wellness you can breathe

Dust mites are the main cause of the most common respiratory problems. In particular they are responsible for a troublesome allergy caused by the mere presence of these microscopic organisms that invade our living space. According to recent university studies the use of Central Vacuum Systems dramatically reduces the amount of allergens in the air, and consequently the illnesses related to them, such as: watery eyes and runny nose, colds, breathing difficulties and asthma. This is because Central Vacuum Systems, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, completely eliminate the recirculation of micro dust. This is thanks to greater suction capacity and most of all thanks to the fact that the vacuumed air is never reintroduced into the rooms being cleaned.

Eliminate dust, completely

Dust accumulates very quickly and is resistant to conventional cleaning systems: some cleaning methods, such as sweeping or conventional vacuuming, do not completely remove dust and other related pollutants. They may even accentuate the danger, releasing the lightest, most dangerous particles into the air, making them easily breathable. Central Vacuum Systems like TUBÒ by Aertecnica, are the only systems that completely remove dust and allergens. This is because the dust is collected into a central vacuum unit located in a service area separate from the one you are cleaning, thus preventing dust recirculation.