PRATICO: Cleaning is even more simple and rapid.

Unparalleled practicality.

Faster and simpler cleaning.

PRATICO is a new solution for simplifying the cleaning of rooms equipped with the TUBÒ centralised vacuum system, making cleaning even easier.
PRATICO is the natural evolution of the TUBÒ vacuum system. The flexible hose used for cleaning is concealed inside the wall of your home.

An entire vacuum system in a single socket.


Maximum integration
  • PRATICO is light and functional.
  • It boasts a balance of features which makes it the perfect fusion between style and practicality.
  • It can be painted in the same colour as the walls.
  • PRATICO has a discreet and pleasant presence within rooms.


PRATICO advantages
  1. CONVENIENT: There is no longer any need to transport, handle and reposition the hose once you have finished cleaning.
  2. RAPID: Even faster cleaning With a simple action, you can open the hatch, extract the hose and PRATICO is ready to use.
  3. QUITE COMPACT: The hose disappears into the wall.  You do not need a storage cupboard in which to place it.


PRATICO components
  1. Hatch with reversible opening, paintable
  2. PRATICO reversible socket
  3. Provisional cover for the PRATICO socket frame
  4. PRATICO plasterboard socket frame


Pratico. Perfect for all requirements.
  • We recommend PRATICO is installed in a barycentric position to cover the maximum surface area possible.  It is possible to install multiple PRATICO socket points in order to clean larger surface areas.
  • PRATICO can only be used with single-user (one operator only) systems.
  • PRATICO is compatible with and can be installed to the traditional Tubò system, enabling, additionally, the establishment of a mixed system.
  • PRATICO is reversible.
  • PRATICO can be installed both to brick and plasterboard walls.
  • The Ø 2” inflexible hose must be longer, by more than a metre, than the flexible pipe which runs through the inside.
  • PRATICO can be set up flush with the flooring or installed to the false ceiling using the TUBÒ Ø 2” (Ø 50.8 mm) curved hose with wide radius.
  • To optimise and improve the sliding movement of the flexible hose within the Ø 2” inflexible hose, during setup, ensure there are as few elbows as possible and, in any case, no more than those present in the PRATICO set-up set.
Pratico, the practical TUBÒ system. Perfect integration.