Built-in QB central power unit, the advantage of being unique


The Advantage of Being Unique

QB by Aertecnica, is the only built-in, patented central power unit. Solid, high performance, easy to install, ideal for limited spaces.

QB, perfect combo of innovation, technology and design

 Dynamic and elegant design, the harmony of its details makes the QB a perfect blend of style and technology.  There is more, the box and door can come painted in the same colour as sides.

Technological Innovation and Balanced Geometry

The revolutionary Patented* rotating, ellipse-shaped filtering system distinguishes the Aertecnica's QB from other built-in units on the market, all thanks to its function, compressing vacuumed dust, keeping the filter clean, thus reducing the frequency of maintenance operations.

Maximum Silence

The QB represents a perfect mix of elements that once knowingly assembled ensure minimal noise.

Easy and Low-key Maintenance

The QB makes filter cleaning and dust disposal much more rapid and easy. With the aim of reducing the size, the central power unit can be accessed from the front .

Simple Installation

The high-resistance thermoplastic built-in enclosure is equipped with unions that simplify connections to hoses and is ready for connection to the power system.


QB is the evolution of the TUBÒ system.